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Generosity is not something that necessarily comes built into our nature.  In fact, given the state of affairs in the world, just the opposite seems to be true.  No one seems to care about their fellow man anymore, so how do you teach your kids to appreciate what they have and share with those less fortunate?  By example.  So, let’s get involved!

Not sure where to start?  Here are five of our favorite children-focused charities:

Newborns In Need - This is a charity focused on providing for disadvantaged newborn and premature babies.  What’s great about this charity is that your contribution can go beyond writing a check.  Having your child help you make a baby blanket or put a care package together is a fantastic way to get them involved, spend quality time together and help them appreciate the things that they have.  It’s also a great place to send all those practically new baby things you have stored in the closet or the garage.

Reach Out and Read - This charity concentrates on helping disadvantaged children overcome educational challenges by giving them a lifelong appreciation for reading and books.  Teach your child both generosity and how wonderful reading can be by getting involved with this charity.

Shriners Hospitals for Children- The Shriners Hospitals care for children with orthopedic conditions, children who are burn victims, children who have cleft lip and palate conditions and children with spinal cord injuries, all at no cost to the families, some of whom do not even live in the United States.  Their expert doctors give children hope in even the most desperate of circumstances; they transform lives.  You can make a donation through their web site or you can contact your local Shriners chapter to find out how you can get involved.  This is a great way to teach your child about other children with disabilities.

Toys for Tots – This is usually a once a year holiday thing; you can find Toys for Tots bins at larger stores and malls.  This is an excellent way to teach your child about giving during the holidays.Take them one day and have them pick out a toy for the bin; it should be something they would like for themselves so that they can learn a truly generous spirit and (bonus!), you know exactly what to get them for Christmas.

My Stuff Bags Foundation - This is another charity focused on providing for disadvantaged children.  The focus here is on abused or at risk kids who are actually taken from their homes.  My Stuff provides a care package to help ease the transition.  Getting involved with this organization will help your kids appreciate family and the difference between discipline at home and abuse or neglect.

These are some great charities with excellent reputations but they aren’t the only ones out there.  Find one that fits you have for yourself, your child and the world:

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Teaching Generosity

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